NEW CD! (2014) Title Track: All For You All For You My Heart and Soul (2014)

Music and lyrics by Lauren Hooker. Arr. by L. Hooker and Gregory M. Jones
Voice/Acoustic Piano/Background Vocals: L. Hooker. Acoustic Guitar: Paul Meyers. Bass: Mike Richmond. Dayan (Tabla), Shaker: Joe Cardello.

"This song was originally written for the man I was involved with at the time. When that ended, I realized that the song could and should be for those that will always be there for me – those I can always count on to stand by me through all of life’s challenges – and whom I will always be there for as well. Lovers may come and go – but my friends, who I am I blessed to call my spirit family and my birth family, my son and his fiancé - this is for you – for all of you…"

All For You My Heart and Soul (2014)

2nd CD (2010) Title Track: Life of the MusicLife of the Music (2010)

Music by Lauren Hooker. Lyrics: Anonymous. Poem by Jeanette Curtis Rideau . Arranged by Lauren Hooker. L's Jazz Pub Co., ASCAP. Spoken Word: Jeanette Curtis Rideau, Soprano Saxophone: Scott Robinson, Piano: Jim Ridl, Acoustic Bass: Martin Wind, Drums: Tim Horner

"One nite at a gig in Greenwich Village, a young man, never to be seen again, slipped me a poem he was writing about his experience listening to my music… years later I heard Jeanette recite a poem she wrote while listening to Miles…of how his music brought out the poetry in her… it reminded me of what this young man might have experienced writing his poem about me… hence the collaboration…" L. Hooker liner notes


DEBUT CD (2007) Title Track: Right Where I BelongRight Where I Belong (2007)

Lauren Hooker, vocals * Allen Farnham, piano
Rufus Reid, bass * Tim Horner, drums and percussion
(Additional lyrics and arrangement by L. Hooker)

"These additional lyrics are about the changes we all go through in life... the changes that can happen through the years, through the days, even through each hour! There have been many trials and tribulations... many “false starts", no longer a child with her nose up against the window longer a babe in the woods... I am, indeed, right where I belong!" L. Hooker (liner notes)


New CD (2014): As Long As I'm With You All For You My Heart and Soul

Music and Lyrics by Lauren Hooker. Arr. by L. Hooker and Mike Richmond.
Voice/ Acoustic Piano: Lauren Hooker. Bass/Cello: Mike Richmond. Clave, Ride Cymbal, Conga: Joe Cardello.

"So many of us are so scared to let ourselves be loved – myself included… It takes great courage to love and be loved in return… to let our selves be that vulnerable. I dedicate this one to my son Chaz and his lovely fiancé Kayla. For they are truly blessed…"

All For You My Heart and Soul

New CD (2014): Lucky in LoveAll For You My Heart and Soul

Music and Lyrics and Arrangement by Lauren Hooker.
Voice/Acoustic Piano: Lauren Hooker. Violin: Dave Rimelis. Bass: Mike Richmond. Tap: Jonathan Luks. Drums: Vince Ector.

"This popped out after the guy I was seeing at the time asked me to make our relationship exclusive. My friends tell me I use expletives way too much! Being a jazz musician AND a sailor all my life - guess I’ve picked up some bad habits – so they advised me not to use the word I actually wanted to – hence the line – “don’t give a…. (well you know what I mean!)" Plus the line: “The maids done quit!" is Wendy’s as well – thank you girl friends!!!

All For You My Heart and Soul