Interactive Educational Programs for children (Pre-K – 5th Grade)
Founder and Artistic Director: Lauren Hooker (See BIO below for more info).

MUSICAL LEGENDS brings to life stories and musical genres from around the world by integrating all of the arts and inviting the entire audience to participate.

For over twenty five years MUSICAL LEGENDS has performed in countless schools, theaters, camps, libraries, museums and festivals to rave reviews. See BIO (below) for more info.
Teaching cultures through the arts and arts through the cultures
Storytelling * Music * Movement * Dance * Craft Workshops
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All Shows are 45 min - Discounts available for shows back to back
Call 201-887-7342 to schedule a show

(Pre-K through 5th Grade) (up to 250 kids) 
RAINBOW CROW is an interactive, educational and theatrical performance that delights audiences of all ages in a spellbinding style that both entertains and instructs. Based on a children's story book retold by Nancy Van Laan, it is a poignant tale of how fire was brought down to Mother Earth in a self-less act that affects permanent and positive change. Assuming the role of the teller of tales, Lauren encourages  the audience to become the animals of the story through Native American sign language, singing Native American songs, and dancing a toe-heel dance step - getting everyone into the action. An enchanting combination of song, dance, storytelling, and the haunting sounds of Native American flute music, drums and rattles, RAINBOW CROW explores our relationship to Mother Earth.

WONDERFUL!! The entire audience was completely involved and absorbed in the story. Comments such as Great! Terrific! were expressed again and again.

- Lee Memorial Library, Allendale, NJ
(Pre-K through 5th Grade) (up to 250 kids)
MUSICAL LEGENDS brings to life this lively, musical rendition of an African Creation Myth from Ghana celebrating the earth and its’ people of many different shades and colors. As this joyful tale unfolds with Djembe Drum and  Thumb Piano, the entire audience joins in with the storyteller through movement games, songs and African dance motions. Life sized Akuaba dolls and tribal Moon Mask help create a stimulating visual backdrop for this masterful storyteller. Informative, fun and educational, The Fire Children is the perfect way for students to rejoice in diverse cultures -  what makes us different – yet the same – a great social studies enrichment program!

I don't recall ever seeing a children's performer who performed with such enthusiasm. Ms. Hooker really knows how to grab an audiences attention, not only because she is so talented and versatile, but because she has a great camraderie with children and because her enthusiasm spreads to the audience. Programs like these are very good for the Newark Library, because as Newark is becoming more diverse, children can learn about their culture, while others can learn about a culture that is not theirs.
Paul Volpe, Children's Librarian, Newark Public Library
(Pre-K - 2nd Grade) (up to 200 kids) 
Lively songs, percussion, masks, puppets and movement engage children from start to finish in this charming and original story about a Monarch Butterfly’s journey of transforming from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Children actively learn about metamorphosis, migration and how to help save butterflies from extinction.

A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil
(Pre-K - 2nd Grade) 
This wonderful story of how a tree is saved by the animals of the rainforest is brought to life through original songs, percussion instruments, masks, puppets and a giant Kapok Tree.  While the story unfolds, children join in with the storyteller, acting out the story by singing the songs, making percussive sounds with their bodies and becoming the animals of the rainforest through movement and yoga positions.

(Pre-K through 5th Grade) 
Up to 250 kids
Explore the jazz legends of the world with Musical Legends interactive, educational program: “Jazz 4 Kids". Together, with world renowned jazz musicians and vocalist/educator Lauren Hooker, the ensemble leads the audience through the origins of jazz, beginning the journey with a participatory African “Call and Response" song, Slave Songs and Spirituals and translating it into singing a “Twelve Bar Blues", a “Swing" tune, and moving and grooving to a Calypso song demonstrating that Jazz influences music around the world. Children are exposed to jazz legends Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Mongo Santa Maria and Sonny Rollins while participating in “Jazz Etiquette", “Trading Fours" and the freedom of improvisational scat singing. It’s fun! It’s educational! It’s exciting!
A wonderful program that explores one of America’s truest art forms.

"What a sensational program! Lauren had the children jitterbugging and scat singing! We will definitely want to have Jazz 4 Kids back!"

- Lois Brodie, Director, Children Services, Ridgewood Public Library, NJ
(Pre-K - 2nd Grade) (up to 200 kids) 
Commissioned by The Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC in honor of their “Phoenix Exhibit" by Xu Bing – based on enchanting and magical Chinese Myths, this enchanting show is brought to life with Chinese Music, Ribbon Dancing and a giant Phoenix puppet revealing the powers of Wisdom, Clear Sight, Equality, Generosity, and Right Judgment. The audience embarks on a journey of thought, wonder, and self-discovery as it is revealed that these worthy qualities are only truly powerful when shared.

Thank-you for creating an exciting program to enhance our theme connecting the Phoenix created by Xu Bing. You are so creative and so flexible! For the second year in a row, you have created a brand new show for our program with exciting props, music, group participation and wonderful storytelling and movement! The campers were completely engaged. The experience was elegant and magical! Can’t wait to see what you do next year!
Nancy L. Torres, Assistant Director ACT Program, Cathedral St. John the Divine

LAUREN HOOKER (Musical Legends Founder/Artistic Director/Performer) is known throughout the Metropolitan area as a storyteller, educator, an acclaimed music and events producer, as well as a jazz vocalist, songwriter, lyricist and pianist. Her interest in world music and multi cultural curriculum began at Bank Street School for Children in Manhattan while on staff as the Middle School Music Teacher. This led to the development of “Musical Legends", an interactive educational program for children that brings to life legends and musical genres from around the world by integrating all of the arts and inviting and empowering the entire audience to participate: “teaching cultures through the arts and arts through the cultures". Both as a solo artist and with some of the finest performers in the tri-state area, Ms. Hooker has performed, since 1993, in countless schools, theaters, libraries, museums and festivals to rave reviews. Lauren received her Music Education Degree with a concentration in theater from Fairleigh Dickinson University and her certification as an Orff Schulwerk instructor from Bloomingdale House of Music in NYC. She currently teaches piano privately in her home studio in Teaneck, NJ and, as an award winning jazz vocalist and composer with three critically acclaimed CD’s and numerous radio and television appearances to her credit, performs regularly with her quartet and as a solo vocalist/pianist. Her first national tour: "Celebrating Diversity with Storytelling and Music" in the Summer of 2017 was met with enthusiastic response.